Resting in particular environments or sealing it inside special containers completely transforms the cheese in a product with unique organoleptic qualities.

A process designed to the finest detail

Ripening is an ancient technique of cheese maturation, that comes after a first step of natural seasoning. After washing the cheese several times with water the cheese continues its fermentation inside sealed containers like pits, amphorae, barrels or immersed in liquids such as wine.

A slow fermentation

Ripening transforms the cheese deeply, making it a completely new product. From this process cheeses like L’Ulivo, Cacio Faenum and Cacio Divino are born, together with Noce Affinato and Formaggio delle Fosse Gozzi. Above all, this process gives birth to one of our most loved products: the Formaggio di Fossa di Sogliano PDO.

The Formaggio di Fossa di Sogliano PDO

After a natural ageing of 60-70 days, our cheese is sealed in traditional raw cotton bags and deposited inside the pits for at least 90 days. Slow fermentation transforms the product into an irregularly shaped rindless cheese with a hard texture and an ivory white colour. Thanks to the action of bacteria the fats break down and give the product a slightly spicy flavour and its typical pungent, unique and unmistakable fragrance.