Seasoning is a slow process, at the end of which every cheese takes its course.

How a cheese is born

Our master cheesemakers watch the development of crust moulds day after day, the texture and the taste of cheese. They carefully prepare the salting, an essential step for the good seasoning. They are well aware that intervening wisely and at the right time, the wheels transform sugars, fats and proteins into taste, aroma and fragrance.

Different types of seasoning

Some wheels undergo a periodic oiling process with linseed oil and become, for example, the Gran Cru di Grotta cheese or the Vero Formaggio Scoparolo, some of our most appreciated products.

Ripening: a complete revolution

Other wheels are treated instead in a targeted manner during ageing, in order to reach a second taste-building process: the ripening, a process rooted in ancient peasant tradition which transforms the cheese in a completely different product compared to its origin.