L’Antica Cascina is the offspring of passion for working with the heart.

Who we are

Our dairy is located in Forlì, Emilia Romagna: the homeland of good food. Since the 90’s we have been producing cheeses made of sheep’s and cow’s milk: fresh, matured and ripened with several techniques that we have perfected over time. The master cheesemakers still work as tradition would have it, closely watching the natural maturation of our products, to create more and more unique new flavours.

Our story

It all starts in the 1970s, every summer a son goes through the days observing his father while he works for the family business in the food industry. As the years go by, he learns all the secrets of the trade and applies the same deep dedication to it, continuing the business with passion and expertise. L’Antica Cascina sees the light in the 90’s, when the intuition of a possible new market brings a wave of novelty: the seasoning of dairy products and sheep’s cheeses. In the early 2000, Villa Corte and its secret cellars become the custodians of all the seasoning processes. Since then, our master cheesemakers have never stopped studying and experimenting. Thanks to their dedication we have found the ideal processes for aging our products, respecting the natural maturation of cheese and at the same time enhancing aromas and flavours.

The tradition of Romagna lives in our products.


We are people of Romagna: we never mess with food.
For this reason, each step of our cheeses’ production is studied in its finest detail: from milk collecting to the raw material processing, to a packaging that is able to preserve and present our products at best.
We respect the natural seasoning of cheese, just like tradition would have it and we always look for new methods to enhance its aroma and flavour.

The places of tradition that every day inspire us to create unique flavours.

Villa Corte

Villa Corte, a splendid XVIII century mansion in Brisighella, is a place where time flows slowly. In this cradle of superb fragrances, the ancient methods of Romagna farmers come to life again. Inside the ancient cellars, built with exposed stone and terracotta tiles, all the secrets of refining were guarded, you just needed to grasp them. With patience and dedication, we first recovered this fascinating place that was slowly deteriorating, and restored Villa Corte to its original splendour. Later we found and rediscovered ancient wooden barrels and terracotta jars that gave us the opportunity to research the original peasant traditions and ripening techniques.

Sogliano al Rubicone's centuries-old pits

The aging pits where our Formaggio di Fossa di Sogliano PDO is seasoned are located in the Sogliano al Rubicone (Forlì, Emilia Romagna) area. Dug into the sandstone tuff rock, they were originally intended for food preservation. Over time, however, the excellent flavour that this preservation gave the cheese convinced the farmers to keep it as a method of aging. Today, we carry on the tradition by maturing for three months the cheeses destined to become the famous Formaggio di Fossa di Sogliano D.O.P. and by strictly following the reference specification.