We take care of our planet.

Waste reduction

Our dairy minimises waste using best environmental management practice (BEMP): liquid waste from processing is destined to the production of biogas, which generates clean electricity. Solid waste is redirected to the livestock industry for the production of animal feed. Our headquarters in Forli is entirely covered with photovoltaic panels to reduce the consumption of energy produced with fossil fuels as much as possible. Our high-tech equipment allows us to recover the heat generated during production. Thanks to it, we substantially reduce gas consumption during the processing stages. We have also built a wide network of customers in the area who buy our unattractive but tasty cheeses, thus helping to reduce food waste. In addition, we save dozens of kilograms of cheese every month by partnering with the app Too Good To Go.

Our objectives

Inclusion and equal opportunities

At Antica Cascina, all traditions are important. Ours is a multi-ethnic and multicultural environment where women and men work in harmony. We respect all lifestyles and prioritise work-life balance.

Key word: security

We care about safety and quality concerning our cheeses, and most importantly concerning our workers. Therefore, we implement training with regular follow-up courses and use very restrictive and advanced management techniques. In addition, we constantly work to obtain national and international certifications of excellence, including the prestigious BRC (British Retail Consortium).

Responsible supply chain

We commit ourselves to operating responsibly and taking social and environmental aspects into account in our value chain. Our business depends on reliable, high-quality suppliers and raw materials that have excellent organoleptic characteristics so that our production requirements are met. For this reason, our shepherds are carefully selected and raise their sheep in free-range housing: free to feed at their own natural pace.