It is essential that the partners we work with share our same values. For this reason we select carefully the shepherds from which we collect milk.

Breeding without confinement

We support and encourage the traditional way of herding and always put at the center the well-being of the animal. Our shepherds themselves take care of selecting the best pastures and breed their sheep without confinement, free to graze according to their natural pace.
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The milk collecting

We collect fresh milk every day and we process it as soon as possible, no later than 36 hours. Each sheep produces about 1,5 litres for each milking, for this reason we collect often from each shepherd.

Controlled and guaranteed milk quality

The supply chain is watched constantly. When the milk is drained from the truck into our tanks, an automatic system registers the batch. This way each step of the product processing is easily trackable in order to guarantee the highest quality and food safety.