L'Antica Cascina has deep roots that are born from the passion for the dairy industry started since the early 60s, and transmitted from father to son in the family Gazzoni.


The story, which captures the spirit of great ability and entrepreneurship, is that of a father, who has devoted a professional throughout his life to work and family, and a son, who was homework on the desk and dresser department accompanied the father helping him in his work. It was easier to learn the tricks of the trade, and then over the years alongside the parent and continue levoluzione companys, making it grow with great professional skill and expertise.


The passion for cheese from sheep's milk born a bit for "experimenting" to the 90, but intuition right, the great dedication and capacity of the various collaborators, led the company to become one of the most important companies in the Italian dairy sector. The route taken was "inverted" compared to that of conventional dairy farms, as the first has specialized in traditional aging of the cheese, and then to refine the technique, acquiring, in early 2000, Villa Corte, where the centuries-old wine cellar of 1000 square meters enables you to sharpen cheeses with different procedures in excellent microclimatic conditions.


Finally, to close the production cycle in 2006 was designed and built the new plant internal cheese, to meet the market needs and provide customers with products that are more characteristic selected.