The Mother jar is a huge earthenware jar that contains wheels of ewe’s milk cheese aged in olive leaves.


An impactful event, the opening of this very big jar always catches the attention of the customers attending it. Our staff will arrange for the opening of the jar, possibly with the collaboration of the department head or the store manager , who will be given the honour to open the jar in front of the customers... and to taste the cheese as soon as the jar is uncovered...


The show will last about 30 minutes during which the barrel is opened and customers may taste the cheese. On the same day and for the entire promotion period, customers may have the opportunity to taste and buy the cheese.


By agreeing the approximate time of the opening with the store management, and promoting it through leaflets and posters, this event will turn out to be a great attraction.


Please contact our sales agents to check for availability and plan a unique, memorable experience.