One of our strong points is the great attention given to product display. L’Antica Cascina is indeed one of the most innovative and attentive firms in the dairy sector as regards product packaging.


We offer a variety of craft objects for use to display cheese, which will help you decorate your point of sale and diversify your counter display to enhance the attractiveness of your products and the value of your delicatessen department.


You can try the "Piccoli Cadeaux" line and we hope you'll agree that it's an answer for your choosy customers. Each cheese is unique, worked by expert hands and skilfully aged to create a precious food jewel that simply invites you to enjoy it. Throughout our production we give the utmost importance to the ageing process.


Ageing is carried out in different environments, depending on the type product required, in order to offer consumers the taste and flavour of a cheese of times gone by.