Villa Corte is a splendid seigniorial residence of the late eighteenth century immersed in the green hills of Brisighella.
L’Antica Cascina has renovated this building, enhancing and respecting the original materials and bringing the building back to its original splendour.


The cellars made of exposed terracotta and natural stone flat blocks offer a characteristic architectural setting in unique environmental and microclimatic conditions, and here L’Antica Cascina matures and ripens its products using ancient natural dairy methods.


In carefully restored grottoes, cheeses ripen and start maturing in a slow and meticulous process with the strictest respect of the microclimatic and environmental conditions, leaving L’Antica Cascina the difficult task of monitoring and studying the various natural changes inside the cheeses with the constant use of specific probes.


Experts supervise the maturing of the cheeses, following them step-by-step through the delicate chemical and microbiological transformations in this natural environment without the use of “refrigeration technologies”.


The discovery of ancient wood barrel and terracotta jars made it possible to study and develop traditional ripening methods adopted in country traditions to offer consumers a cheese with truly unique characteristics