L’Antica Cascina offers a wide selection of dairy gift ideas for festivities, designed for companies that specialize in Christmas gifts and for large retail chains.

 The “mini” cheeses are made from our best known and most typical types of cheese, but are different from our standard production because of the smaller size and the attractive packaging that makes every cheese a small “gift”.

We also offer some “gift sets” which include our top products.


To meet the needs of our customers we now have a specific line of cheeses: the “small gifts for all seasons”. They are perfect as Christmas gifts, but versatile and amazingly ideal for every season. Find out our selection of aged and flavoured mini cheeses!


L’Antica Cascina is your partner at Christmas, too. We suggest you some quality Christmas sets that include our must-have cheeses and other craft products to offer you always new combinations of exclusive and refined flavours.

Also custom-made Christmas sets available upon request.